Ferrari! Very strong statement right?
GTC4Lusso BC Forged Wheels 21"/22"
You may think of it as a weekend stroller down Rodeo Drive or just a TRACK CAR, but with the GTC4Lusso it is all of the above.
With its roomy cockpit, elegant style and let's not forget the 6.8 liter V12 front engine boosting 680 HP that will give you a run for your buck around the track ... 
Considering all of this, you would say what more does it need? 
With some small subtle changes it changed the complete standard of what this car was ... Our team swapped the factory 20" wheels and equipped the car with  21" front 22" rear BC Forged Wheels HCS23S ... 
Setup was custom built by our partners at BC Forged Wheels ... BC Forged offers one piece monoblock and two piece forged wheels, custom tailored for your car ... 
When upgrading wheels it as important to choose the correct tire brand and size. Pirelli Tires offered the recommended rubber for a car having this much power and the correct tire size to compliment the 21"/22" setup ... 
At last we came to the finish line and with that it was a must to lower this car. Our partners at Novitec offered RACING SPRINGS that gave it the perfect drop without taking away its class and drive comfortability. 
Wheels: BC Forged WheelsS HCS23S 21X9/22x12 Royal Gold Finish/Polish Step Lip/Black Rivets 
Tires: Pirelli PZero 255/30/21 front 335/25/22 rear 
Suspension: Novitec Springs 


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  • Mickey

    This is my car and everyone was asking me to spend money on HRE wheels or similar. Tiko worked with me and convinced me to go with BC. No issues . It left me spare money install a Capristo exhaust system with remote valve. Total value package for less money than a set of HRE wheels

  • Robert

    Love it, The Royal Gold really compliments the GTC4Lusso and the height is spot on!!

  • Chris Godwin

    GTC4Lusso is one of the best looking 4-seater super car out there, and damn does it look even better with this set of wheels! This is a monster V12 Ferrari!

  • Varuzh

    Couldn’t agree more, the GTC4 Lusso is great all-around, and those BC-Forged Rims give it a tasteful look.

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