Brixton Forged WR7 ULTRASPORT+ 1 Piece Monoblock Wheels - Starting at $2,071 Each - Motorsports LA


Brixton Forged WR7 ULTRASPORT+ 1 Piece Monoblock Wheels - Starting at $2,071 Each

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Item Specifications

Brand: Brixton Forged Wheels
Model Name: WR7 ULTRASPORT+ 1 Piece Monoblock
Available Sizes: 19", 20", 21", 22", 23", 24" 
Center Bore: OEM Vehicle Specs 
Center Caps: Center Caps Included
Lunar White, Firecracker Black, Kingsport Grey, LeMans Grey, Forged Bronze, ODB.
Transparent Finishes: Raw Aluminum, Single Tint, Double Tint, Triple Tint, Smoke Black, Carbon Bronze, Olympic Bronze, Classic Bronze, Rose Gold, Oxford Gold, Carbon Red,  
Bolt Pattern: OEM Vehicle Specs
Offset: Offsets will be chosen by the manufacturer to ensure proper fender flush fitment. *Please Email or Call if you would like to pick your offset. *
TPMS Compatible: YES
Quantity: Set of 4
Condition: Brand New 
Availability: Please Email or Call to check availability 

Milled from the highest quality, TUV rated, forged 6061-T6 Aerospace grade aluminum, the Brixton Forged is the definition of lightweight track ready forged wheels.

Each wheel set is tailored to be the most optimal combination of lightweight forging profiles and surface milling features. The result is a wheel set designed to increase dynamic cornering response, acceleration, and decreasing overall stopping distances.

Each Series model is individually designed and engineered specifically for performance supercars, sedans and SUVs.